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Keith Mckittrick An Outstanding Assistant Coach

Being the Portland Winterhawks Hockey Club’s assistant coach, Keith Mckittrick is aware of his major roles in bringing the team right into the next level. His contributions in the said team are among the main reasons why the players become even more motivated to give their best in every game they play. He exert an extra effort to be able to share his knowledge and expertise for his team to move forward to success. He always make sure that he give focus on game preparation so that his team will always be encouraged to play at their best.

When it comes to skills development, he is totally hands on assistant coach as he firmly believes that he can ascertain all the strengths and weaknesses of all the members of the team. He is doing the rest that he can to let his players use their own weaknesses as their strengths for he is aware that this can help them a lot. Indeed, Keith Mckittrick is one of the best coaches and this is all because of his commitment and passion towards his work.

He is an experienced coached because we already worked with other teams before he became the Portland Winterhawks Hockey Club’s assistant coach. When he was in the position, he was able to share all his extraordinary talents to the club as a whole for more than six years where he has also made a lot of wonderful contributions that helped the club to achieve their goals or objectives. When he was exercising his tenure, he was given the responsibilities to develop all the players in the team, prepare for every competition, and control the club’s video capture. There were lots of works that he was able to accomplish and all of those are the major factors that gave him wider and clearer perspectives about his major role in the success of his team.

His years of experience as the assistant coach of Detroit Wings gave him so many things to remember that he can treasure for the rest of his life. Keith Mckittrick is one of the many successful assistant coaches who is always after the success of his team. His career makes him the kind of person he really wanted to be, thus inspires him to do even better. He is an inspiration and this is all because of the success that he has now. The best thing that makes him different is his motivation to see successful players who can stand out in the middle of the crowd. He is absolutely an amazing assistant coach.

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